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Family Friendly Vacation Ideas while Vacationing at Folly Beach, SC

Do you have a family vacation planned this summer? Have you ever considered Folly Beach, SC to be your next destination? Great! Folly Beach, SC has a lot to offer anyone who comes to visit the island. Families love to visit year-round and the summer offers even more for you to take advantage of. Depending on what your family likes to do or wants to be adventurous in, there is something here for everyone. We always have specials you can take advantage of as well!

A good start is to find out what kind of vacation you’d like to have. Would you like to have a relaxing one where you can bring your pets and family and just hang out or would you like to be adventurous and discover the island and what it holds? For many families, it can be a little of both and that is just what we have to offer. Our little island has many different opportunities for you to escape, enjoy and have fun with. If you have a child who loves turtles, then Folly is the way to go! Folly has many loggerhead turtle nests around the beaches that sometimes if you’re lucky, you will be able to see each day if the turtles have hatched. Another way to discover the island is to head down to the Lighthouse Inlet Heritage Preserve where you can’t swim but you can take a nice walk on the trail and discover the wildlife that happens to be there. There is a $1.00 per person charge to get into the park but know that the money goes towards preserving the park.


If your family is looking for a different kind of adventure, then maybe head to Folly Beach Chair Company where you are able to rent different things such as stand up paddle boards, bikes or surfboards. Take the stand-up paddle boards to the sound area and what a workout you will have. The cost isn’t too bad either and have a little fun while learning to use the paddle boards. Many of the locals you will find are out on the boards themselves enjoying the wildlife that you will see. If you’d like to be even more adventurous then possibly renting a boat and heading over to Morris Island or Fort Sumter for the day and explore a little there. We even hear that the surf fishing at Morris Island is wonderful and you might see a dolphin or two while you are there. Spending the day at the beach is another family-friendly favorite and maybe if you are lucky, you will get to find some shark teeth during your stay.


Just like spending the day at the beach with the surf, sand, and fun; eating dinner might sound like a good deal too. Folly has a little of everything that you might be looking for while on a family vacation. While there aren’t many fast food restaurants on the island, there are still a lot of different restaurants that you can check out. Depending on your mood and seeing how you may not want to cook for a night or two while enjoying your stay in Folly Beach Vacation Rentals, there are plenty to choose from. Taco Boy is a local favorite as well as Blu Beach Bar & Grill. Both offer excellent food and have food that all ages will enjoy. Looking for something a little different, it’s just a short drive over to Charleston to find other amazing restaurants there.


And just before your vacation is over, bringing home a little piece of Folly is just what the doctor ordered! Folly has to offer some pretty interesting and fun shops for you to enjoy. If you are looking for candy such as salt-water taffy to bring home, head on over to Sugartime where the candy is endless. Want to just grab something for during your stay and don’t want to head to a large grocery store? Stop over at Bert’s Market for a fun little treat and you will be treated just as if you were a local. There are so many different stores that you can head into and just browsing is perfectly alright as well. With so many options and different things to do in Folly, it’s hard to get them all done in one trip. That’s why you need to make coming to Folly Beach, SC a family vacation every year and enjoy what we have to offer year-round. Just come on down the “Edge of America” and you will have a marvelous time!

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