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What to Pack for a Spring Break Beach Vacation

At Folly’s Best Rentals we know plenty about Spring Break. We know you’re counting down the days until you can ditch the stress of school and work, enjoy the beach and waves, and sip on strawberry daiquiris with your best friends. We also know it’s important to bring all the necessary items when you’re packing for your spring break vacations. The following list should help you with that.


Large Beach Bag

Using an oversized beach bag as your carry-on for traveling to your spring break destination will also double as an efficient way to carry items to the beach with you.

~ Ticket(s) for airlines and any events you’re attending
~ Cell phone
~ Headphones
~ Sunglasses
~ Medications
~ Wallet (keep some cash on you in case you run into any issues with your cards)
~ Snacks
~ Reusable water bottle (make sure it’s empty if you’re going through airport security!) and no glass on the beach!



Don’t bring your whole medicine cabinet with you! Stick to the necessities. If you want to travel light don’t bring these at all. You can pick up anything you need at a local drugstore.

~ Deodorant
~ Floss
~ Toothpaste & Toothbrush
~ Sunscreen
~ Moisturizer
~ Travel-sized shampoo, conditioner and soap
~ Makeup
~ Razor
~ Advil or Tylenol
~ Hair Brush or Comb
~ Hair Dryer
~ First Aid Kit
~ Antibacterial gel



Keep in mind that anything you forget can easily be replaced by shopping at any of our local specialty shops or malls.

~ Multiple Swimsuits
~ Tanktops and/or Tees
~ Sweatshirt or Sweater
~ Shorts and Capris
~ Your favorite pair of jeans
~ 2 to 3 cover-ups (That sun gets hot!!)
~ 1 nice outfit for going out
~ Sandals and/or Flip-flops
~ Casual dress shoes
~ Sneakers and socks
~ Sleepwear and Robe
~ Underwear
~ Basic, cheap jewelry



~ Large Beach Towel
~ Kites for flying
~ ID (if you’re staying within the U.S., use your driver’s license!)
~ Disposable camera (so you don’t have to worry about your phone or nice camera getting sandy or wet!)
~ Chargers (get a few cheap portable phone chargers)
~ A good book to read
~ Beach hat large enough to shield your from the sun
~ Koozies (May you always have a cool drink in your hand. No glass!)
~ Zip-lock bags or waterproof pouch for your wet swimsuit
~ Address Book of Important Names, Address & Phone #s
~ Corkscrew

Nobody wants to arrive at their vacation destination only to realize they’ve forgotten something important. Check off every item on this list and you’ll be set to have the greatest spring break ever!


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